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 The New American Bible By Mathematical Relationships - GENESIS - Chapter One (3)

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The New American Bible By Mathematical Relationships - GENESIS - Chapter One

The Preachatician, a lay-term, interprets the first chapter of The Book Of Genesis from the New American Bible's Pentateuch.



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This Bible looks pretty good and I like how it has mathematical equations after every verse. It will probably be useful.

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Thankyou for my first compliment on the visuals.

Adverbial Theory Sensation: theory which states that the object of one's sensory perception is not an actual object, but an act that is being performed, for example, when viewing a black sunset, one is seeing "black-ly;" thus all perception is active, not in the least passive.

LORD(27) Clarified
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To clarify: after every verse is presented expressions (without =) because the expressions all have the same value . . . 1581.13883. Also, although the Preachatician exists and the first chapter of Genesis interpretation exists . . . one ought not expect more.

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Christianity is given, then expounded by the Apostles, then appropriated to be true, it's true truth.