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Yes, they will flourish No, they will die off
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Do you believe communities based on TV networks can make it on CreateDebate?

Do you believe that communities based on television networks can make it on CreateDebate?

Please be explicit in your arguments, not just yes/no, but WHY? please!

Yes, they will flourish

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No, they will die off

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Yes, I believe they will flourish as a new and differentiated type of debate on the site. No, not everyone will care about these debates, but it will drive new people to the site!

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An AMC or Showtime or HBO one would be cool, we don't have Bravo over here .

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Not just television networks, but if the site gets big enough people will be able to run whole communities on a number of interests.

It would probably help a lot because if people search an interest it will come up and people can debate on common interests. Like tv shows :)

It will eventually become normal and not just an idea.

Side: Yes, they will flourish

Yes, AMC has the best original programming of all television programing including the Walking Dead, Mad Men, Breaking Bad and the Killing.

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I admire your ability to expand the use of this debate forum.

You're an inspiration to us all, Andy.

Now let's watch someone accuse you of being in some random Mediamogul's financial pocket if you're ever on TV talking about the dangers of too much market regulations.

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Frankly, I really wouldn't mind being in some mega media moguls pocket...their pockets are very deep! But, I will say the following. In order to grow, I need to find multiple demographics to,come and use the site. But, as the growth comes, I will keep a community available for those who have faithfully supported the site from infancy to whatever it becomes.

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Do you mean debates concerning the show/television network? If so, I don't think it'll be that good, as there are hundreds of other discussion forums involving. It'll have good activity in the first few weeks, but it will die off.

Side: No, they will die off
addltd(5132) Clarified
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Yes, I am speaking of debates about the specific weekly or daily shows. The major difference between what we offer and other sites offer is that most other sites just invite user comments, but don't care if they get them. The content is based on someone writing an article. Here, the content is based on people interacting and sharing how they really feel. For instance, I caught a glimpse of the "scenes" from the next Real Housewives of NYC. Sonja appears to get into her birthday suit and go swimming right in front of the camera crew! Now, I could see her doing that with some friends after having a drink ot two, but in front of the entire staff filming the show?!? WOW, that makes for some interesting debate!

Side: Yes, they will flourish